” Selfie ” ( Self Portrait ) …. WITH MEAT PRODUCTS CIBAO .

Rules and Basics

” Your Selfie ” ( Self- Portrait) with the Products of Cibao Meat Products .

- Creativity 45th Anniversary .


Take a super original ” Selfie ” where one or more of the products in our range of sausages Cibao Meat Products Inc. appear.
In the month of August of this year 2014 , Cibao Meat Products , a family business dedicated to the manufacturing of sausages, holding 45 years of uninterrupted commitment to new investments and continuing the growth in a market that has become very competitive in recent years, while maintaining high quality standards in the United States was founded in 1969 by Don Siegfried (Don Filo) Vieluf, a German immigrant who came to the Dominican Republic for making salami and sausages in 1956 .
This company clearly a Dominico-Hispanic, continues and grows through the efforts and dedication of whom currently administer. To celebrate its 45th anniversary and to celebrate the quality and innovation of its products over the years, Cibao Meat Products has launched the contest “Your Selfie with Cibao Meat Products,” 45th Anniversary Creativity organized by the International Association of Photography and Art (AINFA) .
The Selfies have become one of the most widespread visual codes within our culture: we see every day on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but have invaded the most public and crowded spaces, from the presidential summits to outer space. Is that in this digital era in which we all have a built-in camera on our phones, it seems inevitable the need to capture an image of ourselves every day: whether it be with friends, in front of the bathroom mirror or even an extreme activity such as like skydiving. The act of taking “Selfies” and sharing it is a social code of promoting our digital identity and a way to express what we like about ourselves.

DYNAMIC SHARING OF CONTEST ” Selfie ” with Cibao Meat Products ”

1– The photo contest is open to all persons over 18 years of age, only one (1) “Selfie” per participant.
2– Take a super original “Selfie” where one or more of the products in our range of, Cibao Meat Products Inc. , sausages appear.
3– Send your “Selfie” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and phone number once sent you will receive an email confirmation.
4– The Contest begins May 19, 2014. The deadline to submit your “Selfie” is July 31, 2014, at 11:59 pm. No purchase is necessary to participate.
5– The judges shall be persons of the Publicity Department of Cibao Meat Products Inc. and Directors of the International Association of Photography and Art (AINFA), The (3) best ” Selfies ” will be selected
6– Five people familiar with the art of photography will look for the following parameters:


The verdict of the jury is final, if a tie occurs, the jury will evaluate the ” Selfies ” to choose the winner.
7– The pictures are accompanied by a maximum 250 word post (optional).
8– The jury will choose the photos ” Selfies ” winners of the First, Second and Third Place
9– There will also be awarded three (3) ” Selfies ” Honorable Mentions and three (3) Mentions which will be selected by the jury and will also receive a certificate of participation. The names of all winners will be posted on the following web sites and
10– Cibao Meats Products reserves the right to use and disseminate the photographs of participants for promotional purposes.


1– The contest is valid only in the city of New York and only open to people over 18 years of age who reside in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.
2– By the act of publishing your photograph it is understood that participants unconditionally accept the terms.
3– No purchase necessary to enter to win.
4– No employees or staff employed by Cibao Meat Products Inc. or any of the companies participating in the organization and development of the activations and activities of this competition may participate, or their direct family (parents, siblings, grandparents and children).

Claim and Award Ceremony

1– The winners will be contacted via email, telephone and other means to inform them about the awards .
2– The first, second and third respectively , accompanied by a certificate of participation will be awarded

    Top Awards
        1st Prize: $500.00 and Certificate
        2nd Prize : $300.00 and Certificate
        3rd Prize : $250.00 and Certificate
    Honorable Mention
        1st Prize: $ 150.00 and Certificate
        2nd Prize : $ 150.00 and Certificate
        3rd Prize : $ 150.00 and Certificate
    Special Mention
        1st Prize : Basket and Certificate
        2nd Prize : Basket and Certificate
        3rd Prize: Basket and Certificate

3– For the prize claims it is essential to present a photo ID and a copy of the notification sent via email from Cibao Meat Products
4– The prize winners have 20 BUSINESS DAYS to claim their prize from the date of when the email was sent (valid until Wednesday, August 20 2014).
5– The prize is not transferable or negotiable.


1– Any abuse or fraudulent use of the contest
2– The fabrication or falsity of any statement data.
3– Photos containing immoral, racist, sexist or political messages will be disqualified.
4– Any of the previously described circumstances during the competition, will lead to disqualification or cancellation of the participant(s).
Cibao Meat Products Inc. reserves the right to take any legal action against offenders.


The basis for the promotion require that the data be provided is accurate , complete and updated through the cooperation of the participants. If the personnel data is uncertain, incomplete or not updated, Cibao Meat Products Inc., is hereby released from any liability to the participant.

Participants automatically consent to the term and “Selfies” provided they are used and processed, in order to participate in the competition , also for the promotion and marketing of products and services Cibao Meat Products Inc . Accordingly, pursuant to the provisions of sections 107 to 118 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the legal code of the United States). VA (Visual Arts U.S. Copyright. Library of Congress), It gives unconditionally consent to the processing of personal data supplied solely for the above purposes.


Important Notice:

Cibao Meat Products , Inc. , reserves the right to modify or partially or fully finished images, as deemed necessary, Cibao Meat Products at its discretion, on page under and adhere to existing legal requirements for such effects.
Cibao Meat Products Inc. is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the participants which will be eliminated from the competition automatically.
Simply by participating in this promotion , shall be deemed automatically accepted directly and unconditional bases of participation, as well as the clauses, terms and conditions it contains.
If there were changes in the conditions of the promotion, Cibao Meat Products Inc., will publish it on their webpage under and adhere to legal requirements available for such purposes. These rules of entry will be published at and This competition meets every one of the requirements , ordinances and governmental rules .
Any situation not been provided for in the bidding documents will be reviewed and defined by the committee Cibao Meat Products Inc., composed of executives and directors of the International Association of Photography and Art (AINFA). For any clarification, information or questions regarding this contest send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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